Woonivers 100% digital experience that facilitates the Tax-Free incentive for everyone. Travelers save, retailers sell more and governments create attractive tourist destinations.


We revolutionize the way you shop while traveling

100% digital process

Avoiding paperwork and making the VAT refund quickly and easily

Time saving

The waiting time in line for consumers who want to make the Tax–Free and the work of the cashiers when having to do it is eliminated.

Experience and personalized support

Application that has all the information on Tax-Free that has been made for both the traveler and the trade.


Additional security that prevents fraud thanks to technology.


Payments Methods Woonivers

Free tool for commerce that does not require integration. Through the consumer’s mobile app, they can scan their passport and the store’s receipt to obtain their DIVA documentation.

Thanks to the Woonivers, tourists can have a fast and user-friendly alternative to focus on enjoying their trip, forgetting about paperwork and bureaucracy associated with Tax-Free or VAT refund for their purchases.

We enhance the functionality and safety of your products

Improve the customer experience, simplify your collections, encourage repeat purchases and streamline recurring payments for subscriptions to your products or services.

Increased conversion

Speed and ease increase the possibility that the purchase will be finalised.

Repeat purchase

It speeds up the checkout process for future purchases, which promotes loyalty.

User experience

An almost invisible payment to smooth the less attractive moment of the purchase process.


Do not miss more products

In-person Payment

360º shopping experience, offering a fast, secure and 100% personalized method.

Payment Plans

Split the payment of your purchases without risk to your business.

Pay By Link

Charge your customers by email, Call Center, without the need for a physical presence.


Integrate a switchboard in your business that manages customer payments.