In-person Payment

A solution for the in-person channel that allows a 360º shopping experience, offering a personalized, fast and secure process.

Pago presencial

Make your business stand out

Collection Service

Allows transactions to be carried out quickly, safely, and effective way.


Face-to-face payment from any device and e-wallets.

Integrated system

Possibility to operate in both assisted and unattended environments.

Maximum security

Payment solution certified by the regulations PCI DSS 3.2.1.

Make a difference with your customers

We enhance the functionality and safety of your products

Improve the customer experience, simplify your collections, encourage repeat purchases and streamline recurring payments for subscriptions to your products or services.

Increased conversion

Speed and ease increase the possibility that the purchase will be finalised.

Repeat purchase

It speeds up the checkout process for future purchases, which promotes loyalty.

User experience

An almost invisible payment to smooth the less attractive moment of the purchase process.


Platform from which you can manage and consult everything related to the operations of the different establishments in your business.

Consultation of operations

Consultation of trade operations in a simple way, with the possibility of establishing a large number of filters.


Partial or full refunds can be made for each transaction.

Subscription status

Management and visualisation of recurrent plans, to know the status of subscription programmes.

Integration with Sipay

Platform included from the start of operations with Sipay, for any type of service contracted.

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Online Payments

Adapt the purchasing needs of each client and electronic commerce.

BNPL - Finanpay

Split the payment of your purchases without risk to your business.

Pay By Link

Charge your customers by email, Call Center, without the need for a physical presence.


Integrate a switchboard in your business that manages customer payments.