Embedded Finance

Embedded Finance transforms the way people access and use financial services by providing a more convenient, seamless and personalised experience.

Finanzas integradas

Comfort, accessibility and smoother user experience

Direct access

It allows users to access financial services directly from the same platform they are already interacting with. This eliminates the need to switch between applications or websites to perform financial transactions.

Variety of services

It covers a wide range of financial services, such as payments, loans, investments, insurance, money transfers and more. This provides users with a complete solution for their financial needs.

Simplicity and Comfort

It simplifies financial processes and offers the greatest convenience to users. This is achieved by minimising transaction friction and reducing the steps required to complete financial actions.

Transparency in operations

Integrated finance tends to be transparent in terms of costs, fees and conditions. Users can see clearly and directly how much they are paying for financial services.

Integration into non-financial platforms

Integration into platforms and applications that are not specifically financial. These platforms can include e-commerce applications, mobile applications, social media and more.


Adopting Embedded Finance can demonstrate an innovative and adaptive mindset, which can increase the positive perception of your business.

Embedded Finance

Embedded Finance

Discover the power of Embedded Finance

It’s not just about payments or financial transactions; it’s about transforming the way your customers interact with your business.

By integrating financial services directly into your platform, you’re creating a shopping experience that goes beyond the conventional. You offer your customers the ability to pay flexibly, access financing options and make more informed decisions about their purchases. This is an opportunity to increase sales conversion, to foster customer loyalty and to position yourself as a business that embraces innovation.

Integrated Finance not only boosts your financial results, but also improves your brand perception. Your customers will feel that you are committed to their comfort and satisfaction every step of the way. Don’t let transactions be just another chore in your business; turn them into valuable moments of interaction and connection.

We enhance the functionality and safety of your products

Improve the customer experience, simplify your collections, encourage repeat purchases and streamline recurring payments for subscriptions to your products or services.

Increased conversion

Speed and ease increase the possibility that the purchase will be finalised.

Repeat purchase

It speeds up the checkout process for future purchases, which promotes loyalty.

User experience

An almost invisible payment to smooth the less attractive moment of the purchase process.


Platform from which you can manage and consult everything related to the operations of the different establishments in your business.

Consultation of operations

Consultation of trade operations in a simple way, with the possibility of establishing a large number of filters.


Partial or full refunds can be made for each transaction.

Subscription status

Management and visualisation of recurrent plans, to know the status of subscription programmes.

Integration with Sipay

Platform included from the start of operations with Sipay, for any type of service contracted.

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