The tourism sector has undergone a significant transformation in the means of payment, giving travelers more options and convenience to plan and pay for their adventures.

Sipay, in turn, evolves to offer the greatest security and variety in payment methods.

métodos de pago turismo

Add value, also during the payment process.

We enhance the user experience through solutions like tokenization, making payments nearly invisible. Moreover, we facilitate sales to international customers with our offering of alternative payment methods and complementary solutions such as currency conversion. By doing so, we increase the confidence of the end consumer in our clients.


The perfect functionality to make payment easier for foreign customers and increase their level of trust. Boost your sales and retain these users by allowing them to pay in their currency of origin knowing transparently the cost of the operation either in their currency or in the local currency.​


With our advanced tokenization system, financial data is protected and encrypted at every step of the payment process.

Pay By Link

Send a link with the complete information of the purchase, so that the user can make the payment quickly with a single click. It is safe, easy and comfortable for both the user and the trade.

Our payment methods

With our payment methods, the future is in your hands. Discover a new era of payments and open the doors to a world full of opportunities!

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Let Sipay be your strategic ally to achieve success and grow your business quickly and securely. Together, we can achieve great results and take your company to the next level. Trust us and get ready to reach new milestones!

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