Improve the shopping experience of your clients with the Tax Free functionality

If you have the Tax Free service in your business, you can encourage your sales within non-EU residents and those who live in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

The globalization and the facilities to travel from one country to other increases the tourism and purchases in the destination countries. That is why offering the possibility of refund the V.A.T to the tourist benefits your clients and gives them more value.

The Tax Free service facilitates the V.A.T refund to the non-EU residents or residents in the Canary Island, Ceuta and Melilla, and who those clients that have made purchases in the EU equal or greater than 90,15€.

One of the key functionalities of a payment gateway in the point of sale is to offer Tax Free services, integrated in the shopping process. The system will detect automatically if a credit card is Tax Free, through a BINS file imported in the system where de data are consulted.

If the card is Tax Free, the transaction will show the Tax Free payment, and the amount will be generate automatically, with the exact information needed to print the Tax Free receipt in the point of sale.

The merchant who have the Tax Free incorporated to its point of sale will improve the client’s shopping experience, increases clients’ transactions and also they will:

  • Give a customized service and a better response to tourist expectations.
  • Be liberated of all the administration and countable procedures related to the V.A.T refund.
  • Facilitate a fast and secure emission.
  • Guarantee tourists’ satisfaction with a fast and easy refund.

Nowadays, the challenge is to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations. Services like Tax Free help the point of sale to improve their business both national and international, taking advantage of the sales that the tourist generates when they travel to other countries. With the Tax Free service is possible to encourage sales and this will affect directly in a positive way the merchants, increasing their conversion tax and profits.

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