Digital transformation in the retail sector

Online payment gateways have revolutionized retail sector in the digital world. Whether for small online stores or large retailers, the integration of secure payment gateways has allowed customers to make purchases easily and reliably over the Internet.

Sipay offers various payment options, providing a more flexible and consumer-oriented shopping experience.


Streamline collections for a better experience.

If there is one reason why many remain loyal to in-store shopping, it is undoubtedly the shopping experience. We enable retail sector to offer customers the possibility of paying easily, whether with their card, smartphone, or wearable, reducing their waiting time to make the most of their visit to the establishment. Additionally, we help businesses configure their business rules to reduce financial costs.


With our advanced tokenization system, financial data is protected and encrypted at every step of the payment process.


The new way to buy and enjoy to the fullest. With BNPL, you can buy what you want now and pay for it in easy installments. Shopping more flexible and satisfying.


Boost your international sales with Tax Free. It attracts more foreign customers by offering them duty-free shopping.

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Our payment methods

With our payment methods, the future is in your hands. Discover a new era of payments and open the doors to a world full of opportunities!

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