Optimised payments, efficient experience in the food sector

The use of modern and secure payment methods in the food sector not only enhances the customer experience but also increases efficiency in the payment processes and contributes to more effective financial management for businesses.


Hassle-free payments to satisfy your appetite

In the food sector, our payment methods are the secret ingredient for an exceptional shopping experience.

Point of Sales

With the option to pay with credit or debit cards, and contactless payment methods, customers can streamline their transactions and avoid using cash, which contributes to maintaining a more eco-friendly environment.

Alternative payment methods

Offer your customers different payment options to carry out the transaction in a more flexible and secure way.

MIT (Merchant Initiated Transaction)

Get pre-authorization for payment when they buy your products, and collect the actual charge at a later time.

Our payment methods

With our payment methods, the future is in your hands. Discover a new era of payments and open the doors to a world full of opportunities!

Our mission is to promote your business

Let Sipay be your strategic ally to achieve success and grow your business quickly and securely. Together, we can achieve great results and take your company to the next level. Trust us and get ready to reach new milestones!

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