Sipay Pay by link

Phone payments

Collect your customers whenever you want by email, phone or Call Center safely, and make them forget the payment while enjoying your products or services.

Chica sentada en el suelo utiliza un ordenador

Make that your commerce stand out


Flexibility in the payment

Authentication without the physical presence of the client.



Oriented to ensure a pleasant experience for the user when using it.


Easy integration

Adapted to the Call Center & IVR systems and aplications of the trade.


Maximum security

Certified payment solution by PCI DSS 3.2.1. security regulation.

Pay by link

The client receives a temporary link through which he can access the payment form with which he can finalize his purchase in a secure way.

  • Ability to send emails and SMS programmatically.

  • Different ways of integration (API or User Interface).

  • Mail Order: Email with temporary link to the payment form.

  • Telephone Order: SMS with temporary link to the payment form.


System based on automatic interactions. Telephone input interface with the user that will allow interaction with the system.

  • Telephone payment on real time.

  • Ability to attend 500 calls at the same time.

  • DTMF (Dual Tone Multi–Frequency) or keystroke by the user.

  • STT (Speak to Text) or automated speech synthesis.

Complete your experience


Integration mode that allows an quick, fast and secure payment experience.

 Fraud Services

Resources to automate, control and adapt fraud prevention operations.

 Tokenization and secure vault

Stimulate the recurring purchase of your customers.

 Recurring Payments

Tokenize card data and perform automated collections periodically.

 Escrow Payments

Purchase and sales safely through the retention of money in security deposit.

 Installment Payments

The final customer can postpone the payment of their purchases.