360º buying experience

The path to a 360º buying experience

Consumers already look for omnichannel solutions and the possibility to buy through different media, now they want to be able to combine more than one

Secure payment

Secure payment methods are key to ecommerce

Users consider security and comfort fundamental to opt for purchasing in an ecommerce. Tecnological advances are allowing new digital payment options to appear and the

Payment gateaway

Why choose a payment gateway?

Digital payments are getting stronger, that´s why shops have to adapt to guarantee the payment process. How much importance do we show to the payment


The importance of tokenization

Whenever consumers arise to carry out actions that involve making payments through an electronic device or at physical stores we want it to be simple,

The internet of things

The Internet of things, future or reality?

IoT (Internet of Things), implies the digitalization of the physical world, which means that the constant connectivity between objects and people enables the system to

Payment process

5 tips to improve the payment process

The payment process is a key point during the consumer journey and begins once the user has decided the product or service that he wants