Improve your consumers’ experience, simplify collections, encourage repeat purchases and speed up recurring payments for subscriptions to your products or services.

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Recurring payments


Charge your customers periodically without them having to re-enter their card thanks to Sipay Recurring Payments.



Keeps the guest’s card at the entrance of the hotel to charge the services enjoyed without the guest having to go through the reception to pay.


Rent a car

Be sure to collect any additional charges such as fuel or fines by tokenizing the card during the customer’s online booking.

How does it work?

When someone pays in a store, either physically or online with their card, there is the possibility of storing the card details so that they do not have to enter them in subsequent purchases or payments. To do this, a unique token must be created associated with that card, as the actual data should not be saved to avoid fraud or other dangers. The tokens created will be stored in a secure vault and may be used for future collections (always with the user’s prior authorization).

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The best user experience


If you have an online store, tokenization will allow you to simplify the payment process for your customers, so that if they have already purchased before they do not have to re-enter their card details. Users are increasingly demanding, so improving their experience at our online store can mean the difference between a successful sale and an abandoned cart.

Make the difference with your customers

 Maximum security

PCI DSS certified solution. Data tokenized and stored in Sipay’s secure vault.

 Increased conversion

Speed and ease increase the possibilities of completing the purchase.

 Purchase recurrence

It speeds up the checkout process in future purchases, which favours loyalty.

 User experience

An almost invisible payment to smooth the less attractive moment of the purchase process.

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