Sipay eCommerce

Online payments

Extend the limits of your business with our solution for online payments, adapted to the needs of the ecommerce and the end customers.

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What will your online store have?


Shopping experience

Improve the shopping experience through one click payment.


Global single solution

Payment methods adapted to the differents markets.

plug & play

Global switching

Connecting multiple payment methods between markets.



Online payment solution that adapts to any device.


Maximum security

Payment solution certified by the regulations PCI DSS 3.2.1.


High profitability thanks to the optimization of the payment process


Recurring purchases and brand loyalty with tokenization


Improvement of the conversion ratio reducing the number of incomplete purchases

Make the difference with your customers

 One click

Invisible and immediate payment process, in one click.

 Tokenization and secure vault

Favor the recurring purchase of your customers.

 Payment methods

Integrates payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Sofort.


Multiconexion with processing, authorizing, issuing, financial entities, etc.

 Prior Authorizations

Withholding of the sale amount to guarantee a future payment.

 Business Intelligence

Exploiting your business data for the best decision making process.

 Balance Banking

Possibility to work with as many banking entities as you wish.


Adapt the payment form to your corporative identity