Seven keys to improve user experience

In an environment where competition and choices to the same product are increasing, customers are more demanding and demand high quality items with very specific functionalities. Therefore, in this article, we give you seven tips so that you can improve your customer service and thus improve their shopping experience.

Nowadays we live in a period when we spend most of the day working, so we have little free time, and we want to make the best use of it. The end of the day comes, and customers want to buy that product for which they have been waiting for so long, but the last thing they want is to invest unnecessary time to buy it. So, we tell you how to improve certain features and get satisfied buyers, as well as increase sales.

Technology has revolutionized clients’ habits and has become a very helpful tool for both businesses and consumers. With little time available, more and more users are deciding to buy online, because they consider it to be a faster way. Therefore, retailers must analyze, update, and adapt to consumer and e-commerce trends.

These progressions have allowed customers to have the ability to access online markets from different devices, including cell phones, computers, and tablets. Thus, businesses must have a responsive website that adapts the content of your ecommerce to all screen sizes automatically. Preserving a clean and careful design facilitates navigation, access and selection of the desired products and the checkout process, which will help increase sales by building customer loyalty.

Personalization is another point that should not be overlooked when providing services and now also goods. Nowadays, consumers want to feel comfortable and be part of the brand they are buying. It is not enough for them to receive a product bulletin or a list of promotions or offers; they want the retailer’s dealings with them to be exclusive. To achieve this, companies must adapt their products so that clients feel that they are always considered and that their opinions are valued, and their requests accepted.

Sometimes, users perceive that there are brands that offer them products that already meet the necessary conditions and quality requirements. It is at that moment when you must appeal to their sentiments and make them feel identified with the company’s values, as this may be the reason why they settle for one brand or another, and where the emotional connection with consumers comes into play.

Transparency and the attention received during the shopping process are, as in almost all aspects, basic issues for consumers. Therefore, providing clear, concise, and as complete as possible information on important sides for the user such as shipping costs, return policies, etc. can increase trust in the company and thus increase their intention to conclude the purchase.

As mentioned above, users want to be able to make their purchases in the shortest time possible, with the smaller number of clicks and with an easy, fast, and secure checkout process. This can be achieved through a payment service provider, which lets the merchant to have a multitude of payment methods so that the user can choose the most usual for him, or the one he trusts the most. Merchants, therefore, can rely on providers such as Sipay to, through a single integration, have a payment page with different methods (Card, Google Pay or Apple Pay, Bizum, Paypal, Amazon Pay, AliPay, WeChatPay, etc.).

Finally, on many occasions, consideration to consumers is simply valued, neglecting, or not paying much attention to the company’s employees. This can be a requirement that improves sales because employees will become brand ambassadors and will recommend products and services, obtaining free publicity that is highly valued by people. There is no better advertising than “word of mouth” recommendation from people in the same environment, because it generates trust, and reduces the invested costs, so this can be an aspect to consider.

In short, a good customer shopping experience is always linked to a good range of products and services offered by the commerce. Taking care of these small aspects, both in face-to-face and online commerce, are the requirements that can help you to achieve this boost for your business.

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