How can the Pay by Link payment solution help your business?

These are difficult days for face-to-face commerce, but there are some solutions that can help stop the drop in sales. 

Pay by Link is a simple to implement solution that allows you to send a payment form to the end consumer, through a link in an email. This link allows the user to make a payment in an easy and secure way, within a personalized form with the look&feel of each business, in which the user only has to enter the payment data. This technology is mainly used for two situations: 

  • Recover abandoned carts in ecommerce, sending a link that allows you to finish the purchase of the product you were considering. For example, a product that had been put in the cart, but payment was never made. 
  • Finish the purchases or reservations made through a Call Center, sending the payment form of the contracted product or service. 

So how can this solution help the face-to-face trade? Mainly, this tool can be very useful to finalize orders that had already been made before the current crisis generated by COVID – 19 began, as well as to generate new orders even when the shops do not have an ecommerce solution. 

For example, a clothing store that has specific customer orders can provide a payment link and send the product directly to the customer’s home, avoiding the problem of not being able to pick it up at the physical store. Another clear example of the use of this service are optical shops, which in many cases will have orders pending collection and will be able to follow the same process: the use of a payment link and sending the product to the customer’s home. These examples are applicable to many types of shops, adapting them to the customer’s needs. 

Finally, we could define the main advantages of the Pay by Link solution starting with the ease and simplicity of payment, which will be linked to maximum security thanks to the PCI DSS certification. In addition, Sipay’s platform allows for easy access to operations. Once a payment is made the transactions will be recorded on your screen. Finally, it is worth mentioning the personalization, since as previously mentioned, it is possible to personalize the payment forms following the appearance and image of the commerce. 

To learn more about this product, you can contact us at so that we can study your business’ specific case of use. 

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