4 steps you can’t forget in online commerce

Online purchases are growing every day and e-commerce in Spain already exceeds 10,900 million euros per quarter, a figure that shows the great opportunities offered

Towards a Cashless society?

Towards a Cashless society?

Cash or card? A common question that can be altered by new forms of payment, as well as by the reduction of cash. In countries

Smart Data

Smart purchases thanks to Smart Data

Big Data has come a long way, but Smart Data has is going to revolutionize the route and the destination. Big Data vs. Smart Data:


Will your sales bloom this spring?

The way that products are presented, the knowledge of the customer or the personalization in the payment are determining factors to increase the purchases and

Sales in your business

Key dates for sales in your business

Take advantage of them, not only to sell more, but also to build customer loyalty and long-term relationships. Everyday is a new opportunity to gain