Is your business prepared for the arrival of tourism?

During the summer months, the flow of tourists is higher, and businesses must make use of the facilities offered by technology to simplify management and increase sales.

Some of the benefits we offer at Sipay are: tokenization, solutions for no-shows or late payments, correct user authentication and prevention of payment errors.

Build customer loyalty

Thanks to Tokenization, your users can pay for their purchases without having to re-enter their card details.

Know your business

With our Business Intelligence capacity you will be able to obtain personalized reports and extract the most relevant insights.

Expand your borders

Expand your business by connecting with local and global payment processors and methods.

Leader payments gateway with 24 certified products

We guarantee the maximum security of our solutions thanks to the accomplishment of the highest standards established in the Industry of Payment Methods.

PCI DSS compliance ensures that systems are secure, which will increase customer trust in your business.

People. Passion. Ideas.

At Sipay we have been working for 25 years to build the most innovative payment solutions, but none of this would have been possible without the people who are part of this company, putting their passion to constantly develop new ideas into this project.

We provide quality services to our clients, offering them a wide range of possibilities for their business on a single platform, always thinking about the user experience.

Boost your online payments

If you have an eCommerce, we have the perfect solution for your business. It allows your customers to pay with their preferred payment methods (cards, ewallets, PayPal, alternative methods…), remembers their data for future purchases and achieves their confidence by offering maximum security in transactions.

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