Sipay launches its new telephone payment solution: Sipay IVR

Sipay IVR guarantees the security of card details by registering them within a secure environment that complies its latest version 3.2, level 1 of the PCI DSS certification.

Sipay, the spanish payment gateway with almost 25 years of experience offering online and offline payment solutions, launches Sipay IVR. A new product based on innovation, with the aim to offer its customers the best service and experience thanks to its advanced technology.

This solution allows the end consumer to make easy and simple payments, by having a highly optimized experience without even being required the presence of the customer at the collection process. The integration of Sipay IVR is modular easy and simple, capable to adapt to the store’s call centre and IVR application systems. Sipay IVR guarantees the security of card details by registering them within a safe environment, supported by the latest version 3.2, Level 1 of the highest PCI DSS security standards.

The Call Center agent redirects the call to the Sipay IVR solution, where the customer registers the card data either by keyboard dial or by dictating them orally. Once the payment is made, the business can check the accuracy of the operations by verifying that the transaction has been carried out satisfactorily, while on the other end the consumer receives confirmation of the payment.

Sipay smooths out the handling process, by adapting to the business’ needs and personalizing either the service at Call Centers, telephone recovery agencies, traditional stores or ecommerce.

Lina Muriel, Sales, Marketing and Product Development Director states that «Sipay IVR is a solution that enables conversion rates to increase by bringing value to our customers and end consumers; and allowing them to collect securely, quickly and with no need to be present at the store». She also recalls that: «With the aim to make the pay and collect processes simpler, some of our customers use IVR to manage their reservations and refunds through telephone devices.

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