Payment gateway, all the advantages in a unique platform

Having a secure payment gateway to manage yours and your customers transactions is the most effective way to make your business grow.

Point of sale and online shops are always trying to find the way to attract and promote loyalty from their clients. The payment moment is the key for becoming the buying intention a real sale. Having a payment gateway which guarantees the security in the transactions and provides different payment methods (credit card, online banking, installment payment, etc), contributes to provide confidence to the customers, improving their buying experience and therefore their loyalty.

A payment gateway is a platform or solution which is incorporated in the shopping process of commerce, assuming the operation validation tasks made with cards (debit or credit) connecting with the private networks of the card manunfacturers. One of the main advantages of a payment gateway in comparison with a banking POS, is its multibank functionality which allows operating with several banks.

In addition, a payment gateway permits to offer other alternative payment methods, facilitating the conciliation through a unique platform. Other highlight functionality is the banking and communications balance which allows the company to manage the transaction delivery from an initially predetermined bank to another.

Is important that the payment gateway has the PCI DSS certification, normative which certifies the security standard of the main card companies (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard, and VISA, Inc.), besides it must permit to incorporate antifraud modules in the case of electronic commerce.

Other advantages a payment gateway offers for a business are:

  • The client can operate in attended and unattended environments to make payment transactions in the same integrated system.
  • Multiclient, if it has different businesses, it can unify all in the same gateway.
  • Internationalization: facilitating the connection with the main international processors and allowing the payments are made at high speed regardless of the location or origin.
  • DCC “Dynamic Currency Conversion”: if the gateway has this functionality your business will allow card payments to be made in the local currency of your clients.
  • Tax Free functionality, will permit the commerce refund V.A.T. to non-European tourists.

In many occasions the customer buys in the shop and he does not worry who is receiving his money or reading his card data. One way to guarantee security and confidence to your clients is providing them with the best service in the shopping process, for it having a secure, fast and effective payment gateway which helps to manage the transactions of your company is an advantage that will help to grow your business.

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