From barter to Contactless: The evolution of payment methods

Barter to contactless

Payment methods have evolved throughout history. Long before coins, goods were exchanged through barter. This method is the origin of today’s economic transactions. After barter, a method by which people converted their goods into «money-objects», in the 7th century BC the Greeks developed the coin, a method of payment that has survived to the present […]

Here are some of the most common alternative payment methods to cash

alternative payment methods

Cash is gradually diminishing its presence in European society. There is still a long way to go before it disappears completely, but the reality is that alternative payment methods are accumulating an increasing volume of transactions. Digitalisation, which is gradually gaining a foothold in society, and the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, have been […]

Ready for an efficient and safe Black Friday?

Black Friday eficiente y seguro

Black Friday will be celebrated on 26 November. As every year, on the fourth Friday of November, countless sales on many products will fill the websites and apps of our favourite shops. Initially, discounts were only available in the online shops of certain establishments with the aim of promoting online shopping. However, over the years […]

User de-anonymisation and the impact on sales

user de-anonymisation

The economic success in sales due to innovation activities allows to analyse the diversity of data and to improve the hyper-personalisation of companies towards a better customer experience.   The term digitisation is the order of the day, as in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to […]

Payment methods adapted to new social trends

new social trends

The pandemic has accelerated the digitisation of retailers, with digital payments becoming increasingly important. In addition, recent months have seen consumer preference for alternative payment methods to traditional ones. 2020 will probably be remembered as one of the most relevant years in terms of the transformation in the payment industry, caused by the increase of […]

What is a payment gateway and what are its main advantages?

payment gateaway

Payment gateways have become loyal travel companions for merchants throughout the entire checkout process, allowing not only to make payments, but also to add value to the business.  Behind a purchase there is a whole world full of phases and agents involved in the process. Therefore, it is important to know what role the payment […]

Latest trends that improve customer experience in the tourism sector

customer experience

Placing the customer at the center of the strategy has become a necessity for the tourism sector. Therefore, investing in technological improvements that help to achieve a good experience will be a key aspect to face the recovery of this sector with more strength than ever. Tourism has been a hard-hit sector because of the […]

5 ideas for customer retention and loyalty in ecommerce

5 ideas for costumer

How to get the loyalty of your users? Learn the keys to become a customer loyalty expert. Brand loyalty is one of the keys to the success of any business, whether online or in-person, as it is a fundamental factor in maintaining solid and lasting relationships with them. There are different actions that can be […]

Summer sales are here after the new normality

Rebajas de verano

The summer sales are just around the corner and the possibility of celebrating them online allows the user to enjoy them from a more relaxed perspective, avoiding crowds and unnecessary waiting times. This year summer sales are once again characterized by the predominance of the online channel due to the situation caused by the pandemic. […]

The importance of unified commerce in customer experience

Comercio unificado

The new omnichannel consumer demands a quality shopping experience that allows the physical channel to live with the digital channel, integrating all sales channels through a single unified trading platform. There are many concepts that have emerged prior to the consolidation of unified trade. These include multichannel and omnichannel strategies, two terms that it is […]