Ready for an efficient and safe Black Friday?

Black Friday will be celebrated on 26 November. As every year, on the fourth Friday of November, countless sales on many products will fill the websites and apps of our favourite shops.

Initially, discounts were only available in the online shops of certain establishments with the aim of promoting online shopping. However, over the years it has also been extended to physical shops. Another of the changes that has been experienced is the duration of the offers: before, Black Friday offers lasted only the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, but now, shops are extending the days of their sales, Cyber Monday (Monday after Black Friday) as the deadline, favouring the early Christmas shopping.

Tips for shoppers

With the large number of offers to be found on such an important day, it is possible to lose track when it comes to including items in the shopping cart, incurring a greater expense than if we were to shop on any other day of the year. For this reason, here are some tips to make Black Friday a profitable and safe day.

  1. Search and select products in the days before: It is advisable to have a list of the products you want to buy on that day. On a day characterised by a high volume of sales and users buying at the same time, so time becomes a key factor if you know what you are going to buy.
  2. Special offers for regular customers: Some brands use the data of their regular customers to offer them special promotions via email. Companies seek to generate a bond with the customer so that they repeat the purchase on their website and that is why some of the most interesting offers are found in promotional messages received by email.
  3. Digital payments and security in the process: When making an online payment, the user must consider two fundamental aspects:

– Do not pay while connected to public Wi-Fi networks. In this sense, it is safer to pay using the mobile data of the devices.

– Shop on secure pages. These pages can be recognised by incorporating HTTPS at the beginning of the URL.

Tips for retailers

Offering consumers different payment methods during the checkout process, allowing them to choose the one they feel most comfortable and secure with, can make the difference, and not only achieve a one-off purchase, but also convert that customer into a repeat buyer.

It is essential that, at this time of year, establishments are prepared for high sales volumes. To do this, having an up-to-date product catalogue, informing customers of shipping and return policies in a clear way and having a fast, simple, and secure payment process is necessary to cope with days like Black Friday.

At Sipay, we ensure security and efficiency in transactions, innovating every day to offer the latest trends in the sector and taking care of the customer experience so that purchases are carried out satisfactorily.

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