The payment gateway, Sipay Plus, will improve Le Creuset customers’ shopping experience

Sipay Plus will be the new payment gateway with credit or debit card for Le Creuset, a company specialized in manufacturing and distribution of cooking utensils, mostly cast iron, forged ceramic or aluminum, among other materials.

Sipay Plus will allow Le Creuset to make different operations such as integrated management of their shops and payments, refunds or cancellations, while offering to their clients DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) or TAX FREE functionalities to facilitate card payments in their shops.

With the integration of DCC functionality, Le Creuset will be able to increase the conversion rate of their business and also they will be able to build loyalty amongst their clients, allowing them to make card payments in their origin currency without any additional management for the client or tourist. Besides, with TAX FREE functionality Le Creuset will be able to refund the V.A.T to those non-EU clients who make purchases greater than 90,15 €. This will increase Le Cresuet’s client portfolio, encouraging the internationalization offering them facilities in the shopping process.

Sipay Plus provides added value to Le Creuset transactions by means of PCI DSS 3.0 certification obtained by Sipay this year which certifies and recognizes the effort and the compliance in security to prevent and avoid card banking fraud.

The agreement will improve customers experience in the Le Creuset shops, allowing to streamline the shopping process and also to make payments in a fast, secure and efficient way working with various banking issues, thereby reducing the financial costs.


Le Creuset is a French company founded in 1925 specialized in manufacturing and distribution of cooking utensils, mostly cast iron, forged ceramic or aluminum, among other materials. The same year of his foundation the company launched the first “cocotte”, French furnace, paving the way for the foundation of what the company is nowadays, building a large material and cooking utensils portfolio.

With their pigment materials ability, Le Creuset founders, Desaegher y Aubecq, designed their first color inside their “creuset”. During the Second World War, the founders were dedicated to improve and launch new patents for the company, exploring different materials such as, steel, stone, silicone and aluminum.


Sipay is a company specialized in developing smart payment solutions for commerce, adapted to each sector and business, both at the point of sale and online commerce, meeting the high security international standards of PCI-DSS 3.0, level 1. Its payment gateway, Sipay Plus, is the central core of Sipay’s strategy, which since more than twenty years is specialized in payment solutions.

Currently, Sipay is the leading company in Spain in card payment solutions, by having the largest deployed base of installed licenses. Among its clients the company has references such as E-Park, Costco Wholesale, Mango, Lladró, Adidas, Akí Bricolaje, Abertis, Carolina Herrera, etc.

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