The path to a 360º buying experience

Consumers already look for omnichannel solutions and the possibility to buy through different media, now they want to be able to combine more than one channel in a single purchase process, ultimately have more power.

Long queues lined with carts, baskets and people with their arms full of products that end up back in the shelves to avoid waiting to pay. This is how we could describe the day to day of some establishments at peak time, in any city of the world.

The evolution of the market has turned consumers into the central axis of brands. Every strategy and action that are carried out, are established based on their satisfaction. This way the current trend is to mind and care for consumers, providing the best omnichannel buying experience.

To avoid these common situations in our day to day as described at the beginning of the article, brands opt to offer a 360º buying experience to their clients. Giving them the opportunity to combine various sell channels in a single buying process, facilitating and adapting to the punctual needs of their consumers.

The omnichannel way

Thanks to an advanced technology and with the previous identification of the user, consumers have access to buy in the following way: the client enters the shop, takes all the products he wishes and leaves the store without having to chek out. The record and monitoring of every article in the shop´s apps that are acquainted with the consumer, charge the selected products to the card associated with the users account.

This is just an example of the combination of the different sales channels that exist, apart from guaranteeing omnicanality, it allows buyers to live through a complete and personalized experience, because it´s him who chooses how, where and when to buy. This way we are witnessing how the buying process is becoming increasingly more simple, only having to carry a single device connected to us.

It seems like the 360º omnichannel buy is still far away from us, but it´s the nearest future of our consumption ways. José Luis Nevado, CEO of Sipay, points out “We bet on innovative solutions that make the shopping experience easier and more comfortable, believing and working for the invisible payment, without the need to carry cash, cards, or even a mobile device, being able to pay only with our body”

With the implementation of this types of techniques, various channels are combined in a single buying process and it´s consumers that not only want to shop at physical stores, through the webpage or with the mobile device, now what they are looking for is a 360º buying experience, using various channels in the same process with the intention to face the best buying experience adapted to their wishes and needs.

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