Telephone order, a fast and secure purchase channel

The “eCommerce 2016” report elaborated by the Cetelem Observatory, stays that the level of smoothness and security of the payment experience plays an important role on the decision making process of choosing an online marketplace over another.

Taking this statement as a starting point, it is key that businesses offer to their clients fast, convenient and secure payment methods which respond to the rising trend of the use of mobile shopping.

During the discount period where high percentages of sales take place, shops have to prepare themselves to satisfy the best of their customers in order to earn their trust. Having a wide selection of different sales channels are required to manage the high volume of expected transactions. The telephone order channel may be crucial in closing a purchase when shops encounter scenarios where the internet is lost or the server is down.

If we think for a moment about our own experiences, how many times have we provided personal data over the phone? How many times have we been asked for our card details to make reservations over the phone? On several occasions we have provided private information to make a purchase or renew a service without even wondering if our data is on a safe environment or a trusting channel.

In order to manage payments through the telephone channel, it is important that it is regulated and safe. For this reason, companies can count on the telephone payment MO / TO service, which stands for, Mail Order/Telephone Order, which enables trustworthiness and convenience to customers, by providing them the freedom to decide the time and place they prefer to buy.

But what is actually MO / TO? It is a payment solution that guarantees and simplifies the purchase process through the telephone channel. Companies as well as final users can benefit from the experience of using MO/TO; on one hand businesses can customize the payment interface of the form and determine the time in which it can be completed. From the end user perspective, the purchaser can decide the means to receive the payment information, whether if it is a text message or an email or the time and place of payment, among other options. This service comes to adjust very well to companies that have the Call Center model, such as insurance companies and hotels, since the service can speed their collection process.

From Sipay, a company specialized in payment solutions which rely on innovation and security, Head of Communications Department, Laura Vallejo, declares that » In order to get satisfied and loyal customers, security is a must when making a payment. At Sipay we work under the PCI DSS security latest version 3.2, Level 1 to meet the highest international standards.»

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