Sipay Plus payment gateway obtains the official registration as VISA Merchant Agent

Sipay Plus has obtained the official registration of VISA Europe as VISA Merchant Agent, which means a significant step in the company strategy to provide added value and the highest security in payment services.

Being part of the VISA Merchant Agent list means a continuous evaluation process from VISA Europe and Sipay Plus, to always offer the maximum level of security protection even developing the latest and most innovative payment technologies.

The registration has been obtained during August 2014 after complying with all the necessary requirements, as well as the joint, coordinated and continuous work between Sipay and VISA Europe. For this, besides of providing the systems scan evidences, which must be positive, it is indispensable to comply with the PCI DSS normative, certification which Sipay Plus obtained in 2014 in its last version 3.0 level 1, which is nowadays the most demanding security normative in payment worldwide.

The close collaboration of Sipay with VISA and obtaining its registration, permits to the company to provide to its customers from solutions with attended and un-attended terminals to payment services with the highest security guarantee in electronic commerce and mobile payment, all integrated with the customers systems.

For Sipay Plus obtaining the VISA Merchant Agent registration, means being at the forefront of the payment technology, systems and processes to offer to its customers full payment solutions both at national and international level.


VISA Europe is an organization with headquarters in United Kingdom at the front of the changes in the payment industry during the last 50 years. VISA Europe operates with VISA Inc. to provide global payments and is a business based on payment which works constantly with the most modern technology to introduce the newest, more simple and more secure payment options to its members and clients.

It constitutes the connection between payments systems, supplying real value to card users. VISA cards are accepted in millions of places all around the world and the company is made up over the base of 37 countries in Europe.


Sipay is a company specialized in developing smart payment solutions for commerce, adapted to each sector and business, both at the point of sale and online commerce, meeting the high security international standards of PCI-DSS 3.0, level 1. Its payment gateway, Sipay Plus, is the central core of Sipay’s strategy, which has specialized in payment solutions for over twenty years.

Currently, Sipay is the leading company in Spain in card payment solutions, by having the largest deployed base of installed licenses. Among its clients the company has references such as Costco Wholesale, Mango, GameStop, Abertis, Adidas, Lladró, Aki Bricolaje, Supermecados Froiz, Carolina Herrera, etc.

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