Sipay, one of twenty Spanish companies invited to the trade mission Spain-Cuba

The aim of the trade mission is to learn about the situation and prospects of the Cuban economy and to help identifying business opportunities and cooperation in Cuba, a country that is in a process of economic and diplomatic opening.

Due to the visit of the Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness to Cuba, ICEX Spain Export and Investment, CEOE and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce have organized the trade mission, in La Havana today July 7, to promote trade opportunities between Spain and Cuba.

Sipay Plus will attend to this event as a guest and hoping to generate business opportunities in Cuba to help the country in its international expansion and growing. Sipay Plus is particularly interested in the economic regeneration of the Caribbean country after the long process of trade blockade that has suffered. Thereby, it is convened the participation of Spanish companies in the sectors of energy, tourism, construction and related projects services in these sectors. Before the meeting these companies are offered the possibility of preparing individualized contacts, documents with financial information and promotion of interest among their potential local partners’ agendas.

During the meeting technical and institutional activities and meetings with potential partners will be organized, whose results will be monitored by the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Havana. These activities aim to actively contribute to the objective of participating companies. Spain is the third largest Cuban trading partner, only behind Venezuela and China. This is an advantage for Spanish companies seeking to invest on the island due to the deep existing historical and trading ties. Likewise, the commercial interest in Cuba is being increased due to the current situation Cuba's relations is facing with the EU and USA. With regard to Europe, in April 2014 was begun a negotiating process of a bilateral agreement on cooperation and political dialogue, under which they have held several rounds of exchange that will favor the projection of the Cuban economy.

Definitely, the trade mission to be held in Havana today July 7 th is an outstanding opportunity for Sipay Plus and other Spanish companies to expand their business in the Caribbean country and to contribute, equally, to the Cuban economic growth.

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