Sipay to offer Visa Checkout to its customers

Sipay integrates Visa Checkout button betting on the invisibility of the payment process.

Currently Visa Checkout has more than 300.000 online merchants.

Sipay, a benchmark company in the payment gateway sector, has reach an agreement with Visa to use Visa Checkout payment button, especially designed for online payment allowing consumers to pay with a single click, easily, quickly and in a safety way.

Thanks to this collaboration agreement, merchants which integrate Sipay payment gateway will have the possibility of adding the Visa Checkout button in their payment form, optimizing purchase process for customers and increasing the different paying options available for them, translating this into a clear improvement of user experience.

Thus, merchants which integrate Sipay gateway will have the chance to add in their payment form Visa Checkout button. In order to use this new payment method, end users will only have to register in Visa Checkout the first time they use it. The rest of purchases will be completed with a single click, easily, quickly and in a safety way by entering only their username and password in all the merchants which have Visa Checkout button enabled.

Research found that Visa Checkout shoppers convert to online buyers at a rate of 72 percent, rising to 77 percent for returning shoppers, against a conversion rate of 54 percent for traditional checkout. Furthermore, Visa Checkout customers make 30 percent more transactions per person compared to other customers, while merchants running Visa Checkout promotions have seen 46 percent net new customers.

José Luis Nevado CEO, and Founder of Sipay remarks «at Sipay we are committed to the invisibility of payment, optimizing checkout processes to the maximum. We believe the opportunity offered by Visa Checkout to merchants will allow end consumers to enjoy a quick and agile customer experience, aspect which fits perfectly with our vision. The consumer is increasingly seeking comfort and speed when paying, so we believe this new payment method will be very well received in Spain.»

Carmen Alonso, Visa General Manager for Spain said “consumers are increasingly demanding secure and easy-to-use digital payments when making purchases online. Our Visa Checkout solution removes the hassle of typing in payment account and shipping information each time, which leads to a noticeable increase in conversion rates for online retailers. With Visa Checkout we also address the evolving needs of consumers who are looking for a simpler and more convenient shopping experience on mobile with no compromise on security. As part of our rollout strategy for Spain we are delighted to welcome Sipay as a key distribution partner of Visa for offering the benefits of Visa Checkout to their customer base while we keep actively working with leading retailers to bring the benefits of faster and more secure checkout to online shoppers in Spain.”

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