Sipay IVR, the solution you need to purchase securely and quickly over the telephone

Sipay, leading payment gateway with almost 25 years of experience offering online and offline solutions, participated at the second session of the sixth edition of the National Free Software Congress (LibreCon), which took place at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

Lina Muriel, Head of Sales, Marketing and Product Development at Sipay, was responsible to explain on behalf of Sipay, how to increase conversion rates through the telephone channel. Her intervention lies on identifying consumers’ needs in order to be able to pay and collect through the telephone.

At the beginning of her speech, Lina Muriel, described a scenario in which she has been asked for card information to enable payments through the phone. She emphasized on the number of cases in which “due to fear or mistrust, we avoid giving card details to a third party”. After analysing customers’ needs, she explained the audience the solution Sipay MOTO, main reason why the company was invited to participate at LibreCon.

“Backed up by PCI DSS legislation, this solution allows people pay and collect through the phone in a secure, agile and fast way. Once the payment is approved, customers receive a confirmation of the payment”, stays Lina Muriel. She highlighted the benefits that this solution brings to the retailer as well as its end consumers.

According to Lina Muriel, IVR can be employed in different business sectors such as tourism, leisure, energy or telecommunications, among others, and be applied to the collection, reimbursement and payment of any product or service.

The customization of the service, its security and the ease of collection of the payment, together with the possibility that the customer can pay at his own time and place, reassures the benefits of having this type of payment integrated at a retailer.

The representative of Sipay has concluded her speech by stating that “While end consumers enjoy the payment process thanks to a trustworthy, fast and simple shopping experience, businesses will notice the increase on their conversion rates and recurring sales done through the telephone channel”.

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