Sipay collaborates with the initiative “Frena el Ébola”

Sipay, a specialized company in the development of intelligent and customized payment solutions, is conscious of the serious situation of ebola in Western Africa. As part of Sipay’s Corporate Social Responsibility and in response to ebola’s impact, Sipay is participating in “Frena el Ébola” campaign; carry out by Setex Group through its e-Park App and together with the NGO Oxfam-Intermón.

These is a Sipay Corporate Social Responsibility Program wants to be part of the initiative “Frena el Ébola” carry out by Setex Group through his e-Park app together with the NGO Oxfam-Intermón. Sipay E-commerce, is the payment gateway responsible for processing the transactions made through e-Park App. Sipay offers for free the transactions related to the Campaign’s donations as a way to collaborate with to the eradication of ebola disease.

The donations collections made through the e-Park App bottom created for this initiative are intended to prevent the spread of ebola: buying materials, donating bottled water, globes, face masks and sanitary elements or protection suits, among others. Oxfam-Intermón has already attended around 500.000 people.


Sipay is a company specialized in developing smart payment solutions for commerce, adapted to each sector and business, both at the point of sale and online commerce, meeting the high security international standards of PCI-DSS 3.0. Its payment gateway, Sipay Plus, is the central core of Sipay’s strategy, which since more than twenty years is specialized in payment solutions.

Currently, Sipay is the leading company in Spain in card payment solutions, by having the largest deployed base of installed licenses. Among its clients the company has references such as Costco Wholesale, GameStop, Mango, Lladró, Adidas, Akí Bricolaje, Abertis, Carolina Herrera, etc.


For 30 years, Setex Group has been specialized in managing services related to mobility, basically in regulated parking services, vehicle retirement services and parking management. Nowadays is established in 25 Spanish cities and manage agreements in Canada and Costa Rica.

e-Park is its mobile payment App for parking tickets, and today leads the management of regulated parking with more than 350.000 users.

Quality service and innovation are essential in the development of their strategy. Now days pioneers in the establishment of numerous technologies in the services they offer.


Oxfam-Intermón is non-governmental organization for development (NGOD). It’s focused its actions on providing an integrate response for poverty and injustice so every human can fully exercise their rights.

Their main objective is to “save lives” in emergency situations and to help generate livelihood.

Oxfam-Intermón counts with humanitarian actions in more than 90 countries in order to change the life of millions of disadvantaged people. With these actions they also wants to generate changes in their environment for next generations.


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