Sipay bets to break the digital gap towards the eldest ones

Sipay, the payment gateway leader in Spain with more than 25 years of experience, participated at the “Challenge and Opportunities of the Digital Universe” conference, celebrated at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid. A morning in which topics related with the digital gap, the e-inclusion of the people over 50 and the e-commerce were discussed.

Leopoldo Abad, head of BRECHAYMAYORES Research Group of Provuldig Program, was in charge of moderating the round table entitled «Old People and E-commerce. Business Initiative», in which CEO of Sipay, José Luis Nevado, Pablo Nebreda, Marketing Director of Universal Pay, and Luis Ángel Galindo, Director of Services Development at Telefónica Spain discussed the different topics.

In his intervention, founder and managing director of Sipay José Luis Nevado, pioneer in the payment methods and payment gateway industry took a step back in time to highlight the different types of consumers that have existed since the 1900s. He later focused on the people over 50 years old, where he pointed that they are «the great forgotten» and «a big market to conquer”.

Along these lines, during his presentation he stayed since 2000 the role of the consumers has started to change, by being a more informed and documented profile who are in charge of the buying situation.

In addition, he added, «Companies are aiming to know as much data in order to minimize the digital gap” due to the fact that the majority of people who will buy in the future will be older than 50. Since this segment of the population is expected to grow and be a big segment in the market, Sipay bares in mind the needs of this type of end consumers and offers payments solutions to satisfy their specific needs.

From his experience as the CEO of a leading payment gateway in the industry, José Luis Nevado, has concluded his intervention by transferring the idea that we should progress towards a sector in which payments are virtually invisible at the time of purchase.

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