Sipay activate immediately the protection of his systems because of Shellshock, the new security threat detected in the entire world

Sipay has reacted immediately protecting all of his systems and all the confidential information of his clients, because the new informatics insecurity detected in the entire world, Shellshock. Sipay has proceed immediately to install all the updating that are included in the available security patch to solve the new insecurity and to prevent that all his client data can be affected.

This new security breach acts in what is known as bash, a tool which is included in the majority of the devices with operative system Unix, Linux, Mac OS, and its functionality is based on the order interpretation. The hackers take in advantage an error from this tool to take over control the device having access to all the confidential information.

Sipay’s main agreement is to offer the maximum security in the transactions and payment methods, for this he has been in charge of protect and apply the security patch to confront the new informatics threat to ensure the operations of his clients.


Sipay is a company specialized in developing smart payment solutions for commerce, adapted to each sector and business, both at the point of sale and online commerce, meeting the high security international standards of PCI-DSS 3.0. Its payment gateway, Sipay Plus, is the central core of Sipay’s strategy, which since more than twenty years is specialized in payment solutions.

Currently, Sipay is the leading company in Spain in card payment solutions, by having the largest deployed base of installed licenses. Among its clients the company has references such as E-Park, Costco Wholesale, Mango, Lladró, Adidas, Akí Bricolaje, Abertis, Carolina Herrera, etc.

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