Set up credit card payment with your clients’ preferred currency

DCC, Multicurrency functionality increases the sales of your business facilitating the shopping process with currencies from different countries without any additional processes incurred by clients or the commerce.

For those tourist who use a foreign currency i in the country that they are visiting, the shopping process can be an inconvenient if they do not have cash or if the place where they are going to pay only accept credit card payment in the local currency. The tourist could decide not to buy products from the country that they visit. This impact the business conversion rate of the merchants.

When the tourists arrive to the destination country they look for the best facilities to move around, enjoy and buy, and on top of that to pay. If your business has incorporated the multicurrency functionality, or DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), the payment process goes fast, secure and effective through the payment gateway, and you would notice a better client experience at point of sale.

To have the Multicurrency services means advantages for the merchants and for the tourist:


  • Increase the conversion rate, and clients’ portfolio..
  • Encourage the internationalization of the business.
  • Create loyal customers. You could offer customized services and new payment methods.
  • An additional management is not require, the exchange from one currency to the other is automatically.
  • The sale could be charged in euros, local merchant currency or tourist foreign currency.


  • They can choose if they want to pay in their currency or in the local currency of the country that they are visiting.
  • They know exactly the amount of money that they are going to pay for the products or services.
  • The ticket shows all the transaction data with absolute transparency: the amount in the foreign currency, in the local currency and the transaction exchange rate.
  • They do not have to be aware of finding cash from the country they visit.
  • They have freedom to pay with credit card in a secure and effective way.

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