Security is the key factor to pay by card on the Internet

The number of devices connected to Internet is increasing significantly; next year will be 15.000 million, as is mentioned in an article published by At the same time, ecommerce positioning internationally as one method consumers choose for buying; as we can see in a research make it by the consultant eMarketer, ecommerce represents 5,9% of the global commerce and will continue to grow significantly until reaching the 8,8% in 2018.

Statistics prevent that online purchases must be secure. Mostly the payment methods industry must prevent that consumers’ card information do not be hacked when he pays., According to a survey done by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 25% of Spanish storage financial information in their connected devices. Therefore, what should do ecommerce companies to sell their products?

  • Strengthen the systems and solutions that manage the transactions in order to offer to consumers the highest security required.
  • Work with companies specialized in payment methods, like the payment gateways, which permit to manage the operations in a secure, easy, fast and effective way.
  • Make sure that infrastructure and gateways, comply with the maximum security standards. In the payment methods sector the highest certification in the Credit Card Industry is PCI DSS 3.0.
  • Show to the customers, what are the security levels that an online shop must guarantee. This measurement will also help to build loyalty because shoppers will know that is safe to shop online.

However, companies are not the only ones that must protect the card information. Consumers also must know and pay attention to the security of the websites where they buy. 33% of the Spanish polled in the research make it by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International; don’t give enough attention to security levels of online stores. . However, is essential that:

  • They look if the online store has online security and confidence certificates.
  • Must be informed and know the website where they buy.
  • They should be connected through a secure network.
  • They must know the different payment methods and conditions that the online site offers.

The cooperation between companies, consumers and payment gateways is essential to fight against credit card fraud. “Offer the maximum security of the transactions and operations of online companies is the core strategy of Sipay Plus, first European payment gateway that has obtained the PCI DSS 3.0 certification. For this reason we work to offer to our client’s omnichannel payment solutions for the point of sale and for the Ecommerce to keep clients’ card data”, points out Laura Vallejo, Communication Manager at Sipay.

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