Security and organization to manage efficiently e-commerce sales

Last days have been great key events in the commerce, especially in e-commerce, like Blackfriday, eDay or Cyber Monday. During the eDay 538.000 Internet users went into the website to download the discount coupons from more than 100 stores and brands, and it is expected that for Christmas the billing will increase up to 2.800 million of euros, according to eDay platform.

Predictions of Forrester Research last report indicate that during the months of November and December of 2014, 23% of retail online sales will be in Europe; this means a growth in transactions and process operations with credit card, for companies that have an online store.

Security right organization and coordination are important in all business to process their daily transactions without incidents. Specially, in those days with an excess of demand this factors become essentials to prevent unexpected events and to continue offering quality services to you clients. In these situations, it is important that the systems that manage transactions have:

  • A strong security procedure, aligned with business needs.
  • Assure the operative and strength of the systems that manage the card payments, in order to protect the confidential data and to be ready before a great number of operations to process.
  • To organize team’s efficiency to bring up an agile and quality operation without generating external dependence to solve mishap.

Brands must give preference to these factors to prevent their e-commerce websites become flooded in those days where the traffic is larger and to avoid that customers abandon their purchases. At the same time satisfy consumers’ needs and continue increase sales and rate conversion, so they transmit to their consumers’ confidence in credit card payments t through a secure process.

“The challenge, in the end, for those companies that sale on Internet is balance demand volume in those days with more sales through robust and secure systems that manage card transactions”, points out José Luis Nevado, Sipays’ CEO, first European payment gateway to obtain the security PCI DSS 3.0 certification, specialized in the development of intelligent payment solutions for the point of sale, the e-commerce and mobile payments offering quality services in the management and processing of their clients’ card payment operations.

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