Safety online sales for increase the conversion rates for your business

Online stores should offer its clients maximum security during the checkout in order to avoid fraud, due to the increase of cross-border online shopping through multiple mobile devices.

64,3% of the Spanish population between 16 and 74 years old use Internet daily, according to the survey “Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households” from INE 1 . According to an article published by the online magazine Ecommerce News with data of the official statistics agency for the European Union (Eurostat) 2 , in Europe the ecommerce trends are positive; 6% of Europeans have shop online during 2015. These information shows the growth of the use of the Internet as a channel to buy the products and services that consumers need. Thanks to the Internet and the ecommerce, consumers can buy anything they want through their preferred device. For example, in Spain 45% of consumers have bought using its mobile phone as it is published in the IAB Spain VI Annual Survey of Mobile Marketing 3 .

Under this situation, companies that offer online their products and services, should invest in security to ensure that sensitive data of users is protected and that they can buy with confidence. That would improve the online consumer journey and shopping experience. If the infrastructure is solid and meets the highest international safety standards such as PCI DSS, online stores can incorporate alternative payment methods and functionalities to offer consumers a wide range of possibilities during the checkout. At the end, online stores could reach consumers worldwide and increase sales.

Offer a wide variety of secure payment alternatives is key for the success in ecommerce. For example, if a consumer prefers to make the payment by bank transfer, or want to split its payments, he could choose the online store that offers different secure payment options to meet its needs. "We must evolve, adapt and innovate to make the user feel comfortable during the checkout, so he finishes the purchase. Work for the development of the ecommerce and payment method industries requires to evolve at the same rhythm of the trends and offer the maximum security to our consumers, complying with PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1 certification. We increase our services to offer our clients a wide range of global payment methods, to help them grow their business, increase conversion rates and loyalty of their users”, says Laura Vallejo, Communication Responsible at SIPAY, Spanish payment gateway who has obtained PCI DSS 3.1 level 1 certification specialized in the development of smart payment solutions based on innovation, security, omnichannel and simplicity.

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