PCI DSS, security for your clients and your business

A secure payment gateway is that one which counts on the maximum accreditation in payment security, PCI DSS certification which protects the card data of your clients.

Security related to credit card data is sensible information and it is very important for banks, merchants or service suppliers, who operate in the name of companies, and of course for the clients. Every day cards fraud is more sophisticated, so that the systems which protect the information must be always one step forward from hackers, and more nowadays, where E-commerce transactions are increasing. In electronic commerce many consumers still mistrust the payment process and are resistant to provide their credit or debit card data and they do not finish their purchases. This attitude from consumers affects the development of the company’s business because they do not achieve a conversion of their sales.

Companies must assure that their clients transactions are made in a secure environment, for that it is essential to comply the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) normative, which certifies the security standard of the main card issuing companies (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa Inc.) with the objective to guarantee the security of card payments, according to José Luis Nevado, Sipay’s CEO, its payment gateway has been the first one in Europe to achieve this certification, in its new version 3.0 level1.

PCI DSS is a certificate conceded by PCI Security Standards Council, an open global forum focused on the continuous training, improvement, storage, diffusion and application of the security rules for card data protection.

The main advantages of compliance of PCI DSS certification are:

  • Antifraud protection and potential costs: for example, in the case of a breach of security or online threats, investigation costs in case of incident, legal costs, etc.
  • Reputation and image protection of the business: without PCI DSS certification it is possible that a business can be a victim of a breach of security, with the cost in reputation an image that brings with it.
  • Risk reduction: linked to credit card information.
  • Increase customer trust: obtaining PCI DSS 3.0 certification means that the systems are secure, and all the clients can trust the payment gateway when it is time to manage cards information.
  • Create a security culture around the organization.

More information about Sipay in www.sipay.es

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