Payment in three steps has become a reality

Ensuring that the payment process is fast, simple and in only three steps, not only guarantees a good purchasing experience for the buyer, but it further minimizes the shopping cart abandonment.

How is the online consumer? What does he look for during the buying process? What aspects make him decide to buy or not? To answer these questions seems simple, but in addition to knowing the answers, businesses and companies that operate directly with consumers during the product’s display, payment processing and customer service, must act accordingly and adapt to meet their needs and desires.

The customer enters the website, browses through the content of interest, and once he decides to purchase a product or service, the payment process begins. This aspect must be managed in a special way, as it is the key process in which the user will end up leaving the site, if he feels uncomfortable for any reason (distrust, excessive forms, few alternative payment methods, etc.), causing the conversion rate of trade to decline.

To deal with the distrust of the website, being one of the main reasons for the customer to abandon the purchase, it is important to provide clear information about the several payment options and conditions, as well as make sure it is supported by online security seals, confidence in the internet or certifications such as PCI DSS, by maximum security accreditation data and infrastructure of the payment methods industry.

For this reason, the best way to optimize the management of ecommerce is not only by offering a good website design but to provide the user a fast, simple and secure payment solution which never exceeds 4 steps, and which guarantees a positive experience and encourages future purchases.

In Sipay Plus, specialized in smart payment solutions based on innovation and security, and complying with PCI DSS 3.1, Level 1 are well aware of the importance to offer instant payments to customers. In this respect, they have developed Sipay FastPay, an easy integration functionality that allows payment in only three steps, ensuring a positive shopping experience to the final consumer.

From Sipay Plus’ Communication Department, Beatriz Nanclares claims that «Businesses must support solutions and functionalities that facilitate the process of customers, by converting the payment process into a fast, safe and effective one, as providing the user with more facilitations will lead to a higher conversion rate of the business. «

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