Online or Offline for shopping

Combining online and offline cannel could generate positive shopping experiences which would help to loyal customers and increase business sales.

Terms like innovation, simplicity, security, new technologies, customization, segmentation, unique shopping experiences and development of new Apps that facilitate and streamline the way consumers buy and pay are concepts that are the order of the day in the payment method industry.

Purchases via the Internet are rapidly growing, last year 32.5% of users have made purchases online, according to a report by GfK eCommerce Observatory, this shows that consumers choose Internet to cover their needs. This percentage also indicates that the eCommerce still has a long way to go. Regarding the prospects of the companies to this constant development of online sales, 80% of which have been surveyed in a recent study conducted by the eCommerce Observatory Forum Digital Economy and the consulting EY, are optimistic, and they hope to continue growing during 2015, and this 80%, 44% expect to increase sales by more than 10%.

New developments and trends that stand out today frame an increasingly easy future for consumers who seek speed, simplicity and security in their future shopping experiences. Those who consider themselves fans of the brands are not just buyers of products, and therefore appreciate when the companies understand their needs and involve them both in the process of decision making and time to pay. In future of the payment method sector where we are going prioritize the use of new technologies that streamline and make the buying process more secure, like wallets, biometric payments, Apps to pay with mobile phones or NFC payments, among others. In addition, payment methods evolve to offer greater use of different devices to make online purchases, a figure that has increased during the last six months of 2014, highlighting the growth of purchase through mobile phones and tablets, among different devices connected whose use has grown by 61%, according to the research of eCommerce Observatory GFK.

Despite the increased use of the online channel to buy, the report above quote from GFK reflects us that the consumer still considering the offline channel to make decisions when buying products and services; Consumer combines both channels to cover their needs and buying.

For this reason, omnichannel is a challenge that companies should face to offer 360 shopping experiences to allow this new consumer pay for their products through all possible channels that are disposal not only the physical or online shop, but should also take into account all channels where their brand is present, because each channel influences independently, but at the same time interrelated in buying products.

«In Sipay we know that although credit cards or debit cards are the most widely used by consumers to buy online, 59.6% prefer it, according to the report of the Observatory eCommerce GFK, we are also at the forefront of new technologies and therefore based on innovation and teamwork we offer omnichannel solutions to our clients to help them to loyal their customers and give them the opportunity to provide payment services in the different channels as physical store, online shop or payment through mobile phone always complying with the security standards established» points out Laura Vallejo, Communications Manager of Sipay, first European payment gateway that has achieve PCI DSS 3.0 certification.

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