Sipay renews its philosophy and corporate identity

Sipay is a payment gateway specialized in developing intelligent and innovative solutions for merchants, adapted to each sector and business, both at the physical point of sale and online. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the payments sector, which allows it to know and advise each client in order to provide the greatest value to their business. With this background behind it, the company has decided that at this turning point in which we are all involved, it is time to review its values, renew its logo, its colours and typography, but, above all, to renew the desire to move forward.

The health and economic crisis of the last few months has put us all in an unknown situation, one that we had probably never experienced or a. However, a crisis always has two faces: that of the problem and that of the opportunity, to surrender to the storm or to swim even harder.

From the company they explain that «at Sipay we wanted to keep swimming, so that all problems would become a learning experience. Life has given us, even if it is forced, a moment to stop. And at this moment we have decided to review our way of seeing the world and facing the future. That is why we want to complement this change on the inside with a change on the outside, renewing our Corporate Identity to look towards new projects and transmit the strength and passion with which we want to continue working».

They also highlight the importance of innovation and dynamism in their sector, so linked to technological advances that leave a scenario of constant change, in which the way of paying, as well as the needs of the customers, evolve unstoppably and even more during this health crisis. Therefore, at Sipay they do not want to adapt to changes but rather be part of the engine that drives innovation, which is why they seek research and continuous learning.

Nothing is impossible in its philosophy, because every idea can be successful with the help of technology and people, the fundamental pillars of the company, as they are the ones who inspire each new idea and put all their passion into carrying it out. It is these same people who respond in times of crisis like this, not only in the company but in society, and who inspire this profound renewal of identity.

“Our goal is to support our clients and to put ourselves at the service of any business that wants to count on us in this new period. That is why we want to renew our energy and have a strong team in order to boost businesses that are going through a moment of deep change and help them with all our resources. If something has become clear in recent months is that difficult times are overcome together and now more than ever we must be close to customers, partners and suppliers, looking to the future and projecting a joint growth.”

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