MO/TO a payment alternative for your business

MO/TO allows companies to receive payments via telephone or email anywhere and from any devices.

According to the study by IAB in cooperation with VIKO, "IAB eCommerce Study 2015", 67% of the 1,200 consumers surveyed, make an online purchase at least one time per month, compared with 44% which was reflected in 2013. The rise of the penetration of Smartphones and the Internet in the society has encouraged consumers to use devices attached to their daily activities from anywhere.

Online purchases through connected devices means a great opportunity for companies to meet the needs of its customers, offering new ways to speed up the payment process. In this way retailers can increase sales and optimize their businesses.

MO / TO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) payment system is one of the forms of additional payment that an online store can offer to its customers allowing payments through telephone or email. In order to provide this solution it is crucial to ensure the maximum safety of transactions and mainly confidential data card customers, because in the moment that the consumer provides their personal data, the risk of fraud increases.Therefore, have technology and payment providers that have the PCI DSS 3.1 certification for Level 1, in MO/TO solution, help to prevent and combat fraud by enabling the storage and analysis of information on operations safely. That is the case of Sipay Plus, first Spanish payment gateway that has obtained the PCI DSS 3.1, level 1 that certifies different payment methods including for MO / TO system.

Card payments via MO/TO, offer both merchants and consumers the following advantages:


  • Fast and easy transactions. Only consumer credit or debit card data is needed, even so is essential that merchants ensures maximum safety and compliance with the PCI DSS 3.1, level 1.
  • Streamline the payment process and encourage a positive shopping experience, offering consumers various payment methods.
  • Internationalization and increased sales, allowing the merchants to sell worldwide at any time regardless of the country in which the consumer and the commerce is.


  • Paying their products from any device, anywhere, in a safety, fast and in a complete comfort way.
  • Choice from different ways to pay for their online purchases, choosing the one that best suits their needs.

«Offering a broader range of payment helps to loyal customers and you offer them the possibility to choose the payment method which provides them greater security, convenience, speed, and that suits their needs and preferences, offering them thus, a positive shopping experience» point out, Laura Vallejo, Communications at Sipay first Spanish payment gateway has obtained all certifications PCI DSS 3.1, level 1, a company specialized in the development of intelligent payment solutions for the point of sale, e- commerce and mobile payment.

Payment methods industry is constantly evolving, there are developing new, secure, fast and easy payment methods which allow consumers to live a positive shopping experience anywhere and from any connected devices. That is why companies must be at the forefront of new technologies to innovate and offer a wide range of payment omnichannel solutions which meet the needs of its customers.

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