Lladró integrates Sipay Plus, as its new payment gateway of its stores in Spain

Its quality, its personal style and its high creative pieces, make Lladró one of the leading Spanish worldwide brands. With its long artistic tradition and its clear international presence in the decorative porcelain market, Lladró has bet on since the beginning for a contemporary position without leaving its roots.

The integration of Sipay Plus in the management system of the Boutiques of Lladró in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, will allow to make payments in a simple, fast an effective way, which improves the shopping customer experience.

Sipay Plus payment gateway, as well as a card payment service, is a strategic implementation of an integrated multibank/multifunction system with international vocation. This solution for EFT reduces significantly financial costs and allows a payment operative optimization.

Sipay Plus permits several types of operations like authorizations, preauthorizations, refunds, cancelations, multicurrency and DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), which allows clients to select between paying their purchases in euros or in the currency of their country. Besides, it has advanced tools of business intelligence to analyze the payment strategy behavior, allowing choosing between the best option available for each business.


Lladró, with sixty years of history, is without doubt one of the most renowned Spanish brands internationally, with headquarters in Tavemes Blanques, locality of Valencia, where is the Porcelain City, place where the 100%of the creations of Lladró are produced.

The Company has around 1.000 employees, several subsidiaries abroad and one selective network of own Boutiques situated in the main cities of the world. Besides it has more than 1.000 point of sales distributed in 120 countries around the five continents.


Sipay is a Company specialized in development of intelligent payment solutions for the market, adapted to each sector and each business, even in the point of sale or online commerce, complying with the highest international standards of PCI DSS security. Its payment gateway, Sipay Plus, constitutes the core of Sipay’s strategy, which since more than twenty years is specialized in payment.

Now, Sipay is the Spanish leader company in card payment, having the largest installed licence base. Between its clients it has referents like Costco Wholesale, GameStop, Mango, Akí Bricolaje, Carolina Herrera, Abertis, etc.

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