Increase sales in your business

The analysis, understanding and good use of the information gathered when consumers pay for the products; help customize services, strategies and messages. This will increase loyalty and sales for your business.

Internet and news technologies have brought advantages for consumers and for companies. Companies should know and understand how to use the high volume of data generated every day related to the sales during the 24 hours through the different devices that are available in the market. They could increase their sales and develop close relations with their clients if they know how to use the amount of data generatincrease saled by each sale.

The huge quantity of information and data that companies could manage, would help them to know in a better way their targets, to such an extent that they could send customized messages and offer personalization in client’s shopping experience. Segmentation, nowadays targeting or datamining, is an important factor to give your clients what they really want, one you have analyzed their buying behavior or when they are using new technologies, devices or new payment methods.

However, data usage, especially clients’ financial information must be totally secure. A report from the Massachusetts University reveals that only four data are enough to identify a person and linked to his credit card1 consumers and they must know perfectly what data they can have access, use or share. In any case, the power of have information is to generate added value to the final customer.

Work with specialized companies in the payment methods industry that have the PCI DSS certification in its latest version 3.0, allows you to process operations information in a secure, fast and effective way through its robust payment gateway which helps manage all transactions.

“Nowadays, information is power, although we do not know exactly the possibilities that information have yet. What is evident is that we need to offer the highest security when we use the information to transmit to consumers that their personal data are protected, mainly when we are talking about their credit card data”, points out Laura Vallejo, Communication Manager at Sipay first European payment gateway achieving the PCI DSS 3.0, certification that offers payments solutions adapted to the point of sale, the online shop and mobile payments. Moreover, Sipay permits to use different functionalities adapted to the characteristics of the business so they can offer customized services to their costumer’s who are in the end the ones that increase the sales of the products.

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