SIPAY includes “Transferencia bancaria PSD2” INESPAYs payment method

Sipay signs a partnership with INESPAY to expand its offering of alternative payment methods to include “Transferencia bancaria PSD2”, INESPAY’s payment initiation service.

Sipay, the leading multi-acquirer PSP in Spain that helps merchants to sell more, has signed a partnership agreement with INESPAY to market the “Transferencia bancaria PSD2”.

Thanks to this partnership, online merchants working with Sipay can include “Transferencia bancaria PSD2” on their payment page to offer their customers the option to pay directly from their bank account.

The payment process is quick and easy: «Transferencia bancaria PSD2” redirects the buyer to their bank to authenticate and authorise a transfer in real time. In turn, the merchant receives instant confirmation of the payment so that the order can be released without delay.

Rubén Tejo, Head of Partnerships at Sipay, comments: «The partnership with INESPAY enhances our commercial proposition by including a regulated payment initiation service in our payment offering. We are convinced that this new payment method has a long way to go in the payments market due to its simplicity and convenience of use, both for our merchants and for end users, who only need a bank account to be able to pay in real time in ecommerce».

Carlos Blanco, CCO of INESPAY, says: «We are delighted to partner with a leading PSP like Sipay. Thanks to this agreement, platforms working with Sipay will be able to offer their customers the online payment method with the largest user base in the market. Anyone who has Online Banking with their bank, whether they are an individual or a business, will be redirected to their bank to authorise a bank transfer payment in real time. Merchants will benefit from higher conversion, especially for large ticket amounts, and consumers will be able to pay with their bank account balance in a simple and secure way».


Spanish payment platform that helps merchants to sell more by providing value to the user throughout the payment process. Its wide range of alternative payment methods to cards increases the end consumer’s confidence when paying for their purchases. The company, specialised in the development of innovative and secure payment solutions, has more than 25 years of experience in the payment methods sector, which allows it to know and advise each customer to provide the greatest value to their business. Sipay’s customers include major players in the tourism, fashion, leisure and insurance markets, and it has the capacity to operate in more than 70 countries.


Inespay Financial Technologies S.L.U. is a Spanish Payment Institution licensed and supervised by the Bank of Spain that provides Payment Initiation Services in accordance with the new PSD2 Payment Services Directive.

INESPAY provides PSD2 Bank Transfer, a payment method for e-commerce that adapts bank transfer payments to the needs of merchants and consumers. The service redirects users to their bank to authorise a bank transfer payment in real time and instantly notifies the merchant to process orders without delay.

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