E-commerce, key trend for the future of commerce

Investing in the development of your online business can achieve the loyalty of your clients in the future. For this it is necessary to bet for an specific e-commerce payment solution which gives confidence to the customers in the shopping process.

The way in which customers make their purchases and pay is in continuous change and in the last years a fast evolution has occurred, which is forcing large, medium and small companies to adapt constantly in order not to lose clients and sales in their business. In this period of change the e-commerce has increased its number globally and in a gradual way the companies are immersed in the sale of their products and services through the Internet, besides offering more payment alternatives.

E-commerce trend is growing since the last years and all indicates it will continue, according to the “Global E-tailing 2025” study, carried out by Deustche Post DHL, delivery and logistic global leader company, where it is reflected that in ten years 40% of the commerce would be online. In Spain this predictions are not bad focused, because during the third quarter of 2013 the online commerce generated 3.291 millions of euro and increases more than 20% per year, as well as 26,3% online operations were made which means 46,5 millions of transactions, according to an study carried out by CNMC (National Trade and Competition Commission), of the third quarter of 2013.

Data reflect that in the next year’s customer’s purchases and banking operations would be made through the Internet and multiple devices, just like computer, tablets or Smartphone. To face these changes and be prepared, the commerce need to be one step forward of the future necessities of their customers and clients, so they must adapt their business model.

Even though, it is not necessary to create only an online business through which their customers could access the catalogue, buy or make their transactions, but it is also necessary that they use an e-commerce platform which allows them to make their purchases through different payment alternatives in a secure, fast and effective way. The main functionalities which an e-commerce solution must have are:

  • Compliance with PCI DSS security regulation.
  • Antifraud solution: which allows the company to reduce fraud paying with card.
  • Multiprotocol: This allows multiconnection with different processors.
  • Multibank/Multimerchant: This allows paying with different banks.
  • DCC service (Dynamic Currency Conversion): this allows the customers to choose between paying with euro or with their local currency.
  • Multiplatform: which permits an easy integration with different electronic commerce platforms.

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