Cristian Lay manages its clients charges with payment gateway Sipay

Cristian Lay has relied on Sipay to process all operations carried out in its online and phone sales channel.

Cristian Lay, the multinational selling jewelry, cosmetics and fashion accessories, has relied on Sipay´s 25 years of experience in the payment methods sector to process all operations carried out in its online and phone sales channel both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to Sipay´s E-commerce integration, a solution specially designed for managing and processing online shops charges, Cristian Lay will improve the payment process, guaranteeing maximum security and trust to their clients and so, increasing the conversion rate of the stores.

Cristian Lay considers its client´s satisfaction and comfort in every sales channel fundamental, that´s why thanks to Sipay´s MO/TO solution, payments through the phone are possible. This way the shop sends an email to the buyer so that he can finish his purchase whenever and wherever he wants, without the need to make the purchase at that moment.

ABesides, the multinational not only wants to offer quickness and security during the payment process, they also bet on giving the best users experience and they do so with the tokenization service. Sipay Token allows favouring recurrent purchases to the client thanks to storing their credit card data in a safe vault, certified with the highest PCI DSS security standards of its latest version 3.2 level 1. This way, future purchases can be performed in a faster and more secure way because the buyer doesn´t need to give his card information again.

Every solution of Sipay has been developed focusing on the best buying experience, building on innovation, omnicanality, security and experience. Thereby, José Luis Nevado, CEO of Sipay, points out “at Sipay we work every day thinking about people and their needs. Thus, our clients can adapt the solutions that fit the consumers’ needs best”.

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