Costco Wholesale, the world’s second Retail Company, chooses Sipay Plus payment Gateway

Costco Wholesale Corporation started its operations in 1983 in Seattle, Washington, creating the concept “Shopping Club” and being worldwide leaders with more than 650 centers in 9 countries, 4 continents and over 70 million partners. Their mission is to offer to their partners the best products of the market at the best possible price. Anyone can be their partner, business of any size, self-employees, particulars or families. Costco has earned the reputation of being the price leader in the sector and has entrusted in Sipay’s payment gateway, to guarantee charges without mistakes and with the highest speed and security.

The integration of Sipay Plus with Costco’s management system allows to make charges in an easier, faster and more effective way, thanks to the latest innovations incorporated to the payment gateway. For the American company this implies being more effective in their charging operations and transaction management, with the consequent savings in time and resources. Sipay Plus reduces the intermediaries in the buying process and commissions, by working directly with different banking entities, and preventing incremental costs.

At operational level, Sipay Plus integrated system improves each and every one of the processes of card payment, including all the usual functionalities of the retail sector, such as sales, returns, cancellations, preauthorization, multicurrency, etc. At back-office level, it allows automatic reconciliations, central locking of operations, a unique administrative control, elimination of errors in the payment amount, lock of financial sessions, tickets management, etc. This automation of the operations will have direct impact in the improvement of profitability and efficiency of the card payment in the Costco Wholesale centers.


The American multinational has an annual worldwide sales volume of over 100 billion American dollars and 178.000 employees around the world. Its business model is to offer its partners, under a single commercial area, top marks in multiple categories at the best price. Always developing its activity under the shopping club system and being able to purchase from cloths to food, furniture and technology.

There are two affiliation options, “Gold” for particulars, and “Business”. Each one of the partners can have two affiliations, one principal and one additional. The company is present in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.


Sipay is a company specialized in developing smart payment solutions for commerce, adapted to each sector and business, both at the point of sale and online commerce, meeting the high security international standards of PCI-DSS. Its payment gateway, Sipay Plus, is the central core of Sipay’s strategy, which has specialized in payment solutions for over twenty years. Currently, Sipay is the leading company in Spain in card payment solutions, by having the largest deployed base of installed licenses. Among its clients the company has references such as Mango, Adidas, GameStop, Aki Bricolaje, Carolina Herrera, Hoteles Silken, Abertis, etc.


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