Consumers want to decide when, where and how buy

Every company, of any size and sector, especially merchants, are suffering an important business structure change, which directly affects the way how they reach their consumers, or final clients. The constant evolution of new technologies is accelerating the development of the Information Society, producing a revolution in the payment method sector, forcing enterprises and customer’s to be adapted to the new payment forms to buy products and services.

Consumers’ behaviour and consumption and payment habits have been changed. They use multiple devices to which they are always connected and facilitated the power they have against brands. They want to decide when, where and how buy.

The last report of The National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society “Study of Electronic Commerce B2C 2013”, gather up that online commerce has achieved a growth of the 18% which means a total volume of 14.610 million of euros in purchases. Furthermore it reflects that the 52,8% of users prefers payment gateway (credit or debit card) to make their shops. Even though, the new customer’s continue doubting when they have to pay using the new technologies as a payment method; like the fear of fraud; 53,7% of users have suffered an attempted online fraud, as we can see in the report of ONTSI “Cybersecurity and Confidence in the Spanish Households”.

In this new outlook is important to consider that consumer wants to have de possibility to choose the way and method of payment they use to make their purchases. The new technologies development, such as NFC (Near Field Communication or Wireless Communication System), wearable’s (electronic devices in clothes or accessories), tokenization (users data protection), biometric authentication and mPOS (mobile point of sales), among others, would increase the number of transactions process in more sales channels and through multitude devices.

In addition, companies must have an integrated strong and customized onmichannel strategy, in order to achieve a better operations management, without forgetting the customer’s experience. For this reason, and for satisfying consumer’s needs, big enterprises and SMEs might find the way to bring closer, faster, easier and more effective payment methods.

Sipay, certificated with PCI DSS

Payment Gateways help to manage the business transactions in a secure way, offering different solutions adapted to each environment. As in the case of Sipay, first European payment gateway that has obtain the PCI DSS certification, maximum security standard of the credit card industry, who also offers intelligent omnichannel payment solutions, in the point of sale, the E-commerce and mobile payments, adapted to each model business.

The objective of companies like Sipay (@sipayweb, in Twitter) is to build a future in the payment sector based on innovation and security, where the core objective of every strategy is the client. Sipay help his clients’ to adapt their business models to the new payment technologies, so they can respond to new consumer’s trends, and offer them simple shopping process.

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