“Click to Community: key tool for E-commerce”

«Click to community” is a real-time contact channel that allows website visitors to communicate with other visitors in the same website.

Today, the decision process for buy online and offline most of the times starts with finding information on Internet. One of the keys to E-commerce business is to capture visitors in this first phase.

Currently, 90% of Internet users navigate on websites to search information about products and services before taking a purchase decision. Similarly, 80% of them consult the views of consumers and price comparators.

For businesses, Click to Community is an excellent opportunity to attract visitors to their websites, giving them a unique shopping experience. Click to Community is an outstanding way to give a human touch to the website, build trust for visitors, and to recommend products and services in real time. The transparency of Click to Community is the greatest interest for visitors because it gives them the freedom to write authentic and sincere advices that contribute to the overall customer experience.

Click to Community provides added value for companies, allowing them to increase conversion rates, create communities of Internet users, monitor conversations between them, increasing knowledge of their customers and have access to the comments related to the products and services they offer.

Referring to the study conducted by The Cocktails Analysis for iAdvice, nearly half of online shoppers would not contribute to a tool like Click to Community without mention of incentives. However, the prospect of getting something in return convinces 70% of these, and they will accept giving advice to other Internet users via this channel.

For Content Marketing, the community is an inexhaustible source of information. Sometimes it can lead to a new positioning of marketing speech, always in order to be closer to the consumer expectatives.

To carry out the implementation of Click to Community several issues related to the activity of the company should be considered; brand positioning, target, products and services and pricing strategy, among others. You can implement the Click to Community according to the company´s business and marketing strategy, so the company can have an online community based on two strategies:

  • Open: any visitor can answer questions of other visitors selecting the question in the thread of the chatbox on the website.
  • Private: users must be members of the community and respond from a special interface which they connect to.

However, it is advisable that the smaller the community is or the lower traffic of the website you have an open approach is adopted so to allow the maximum number of visitors answer questions from others.

What is the benefit for brands to have a committed community?

«Today, 92% of Internet users rely more on the opinion of one as in the own brands opinion. The notion of trust is very important and brands must arouse it wherever they are, and this is largely in the community. In general, give a human touch to the products and services offered by a brand is very positive. It represents a particular benefit not only for customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also for traffic, sales, and visibility».(Henry, C. 2015) 1

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