Cibersecurity, essential for payment methods

When buying online, the first obstacle consumer’s face is security. The uncertainty and lack of trust in ecommerce fill user’s heads with questions about their money and data protection and reliability that payment methods have implemented in the business.

With the purpose of resolving these doubts, shops are betting on investing in their client’s protection, caring about the purchase moment thanks to the incorporation of safe methods. This way the client’s preferences are fitted to satisfy their needs, favouring their loyalty and achieving to increase their businesses conversion rates.

The growth of technologies applied to this sector such as contactless payments, are turning the majority of payments digital. Daily we speak about digitalization of businesses and about the Internet of Things, two aspects that furthermore of representing innovation and technological advances, stimulate cybercrime.

Consumers buy more and more online and they do so because of deals, users experience, ease and saving time and costs but they aren’t willing to put their data security at risk. At this point a big opportunity for businesses of the payment methods sector is emerging, particularly for payment gateways that mind for security and fulfil PCI DSS normative, like Sipay, which counts with the last version of this certification.

Cards, both debit and credit, are the most used methods in Spain for its convenience, ease and discounts offered to their clients. So frequent is it´s use as it is the cyberattacks they suffer and to avoid phishing at the payment moment shops are integrating antifraud modules. These modules allow businesses to set velocity checks, so to say some quick data proof rules like the country of origin, the IP from where the purchase is made, the frecuency purchases are made, etc. Thereby all sensitive operations if uneven are stopped, without completing the operation. In case of physical establishments, the simple fact that the client is present is already a first factor of security but to avoid that the card used is robbed, EMV technology was implemented, that oblige consumers to give their PIN, and being an information that only they know.

Payments cybersecurity becomes more important at a moment where purchases are 360º and consumers opt for an omnichannel experience. Every time it´s more common to start the purchase process on a device and finishing on another looking for speed and security during the process. That´s why it´s important to count with tools that help simplify the payment process like it´s the case of payment gateways.

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