Bornea Digital Assets, a future regulated crypto asset service provider, is born

Bornea Digital Assets and Sipay join forces to become a leading regulated provider of crypto asset and currency management services.

As part of the process of digitisation and decentralisation of certain functions of the economy, the European Commission has published a proposal, currently in parliamentary procedure, for a European regulation on markets in crypto-assets (MiCA), which will regulate the issuance of crypto-assets, including electronic money tokens and stable coins, as well as the services that can be provided on crypto-assets.

Among the recitals contained in this proposal, the European Commission indicates «its strategic interest in developing and promoting the adoption of revolutionary technologies in the financial sector, in particular blockchain and decentralised registry technology (DRT)».

Additionally, the recent approval by the European Central Bank of the project to issue the digital euro, over the next two years, will mainly address issues of design and distribution of the European digital currency model, in which there would be a two-layer model, where the European Central Bank would be responsible for the issuance of digital euros, while the distribution and management with end customers would correspond to the infrastructures of the financial system.

In both situations, both the infrastructures and the companies that provide services to end customers must prepare their strategies and projects for the moment when the digital euro and crypto assets become part of our daily lives.

Thus, Bornea Digital Assets is born, the platform that will allow the reception, transmission and execution of orders on behalf of third parties, will facilitate the custody and administration of crypto-assets and will also provide the necessary infrastructure to perform the foreign exchange service associated with payment services, including the necessary infrastructure to be able to store and use the future digital euro.

Alfonso Ayuso, founder, and CEO of Bornea Digital Assets says: «Bornea is designed from the beginning with the aim of anticipating the requirements that the new regulation will establish and provide a regulated, secure and reliable environment that ensures the protection of businesses and end customers in their transactions with crypto-assets and the future digital euro Sipay has shared and incorporated this vision in its innovation strategy anticipating the needs of its customers».

José Luis Nevado, founder and president of Sipay comments: «Although Bornea’s goal is to act independently in the market, the partnership will complement and bring more value to our customers by providing them with new purchase formats, allowing merchants to incorporate cryptocurrencies as an additional payment method to the existing ones in our FastPay (payment wall). In addition, end users will be able to pay for their purchases and, securely dispose and store their crypto-assets.»

Sipay is the Spanish payment platform that helps merchants to sell more by providing value to the user throughout the payment process. Its wide range of alternative payment methods to cards increases the end consumer’s confidence when paying for their purchases.

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