From visitor to buyer. How to turn users into customers?

The conversion of users into sales is not always easy, but there are some elements we can optimize to improve it.

Getting your ecommerce visitors to become buyers is not an easy task, since after attracting them to the web there are still many factors to consider in order to reach the sale. Below, we define four fundamental points to improve your purchase ratios and not miss the opportunity to sell online:

Product description: although it may seem simple, a good description can make the difference between a product that attracts attention and creates a need to buy and one that goes unnoticed without occupying a space in the consumer’s mind. It is not just a matter of defining the characteristics of the product or service, but of explaining to the customer what benefits he will get, how and when he will use it or why that one and not another. It will not be the same «Red Patent Leather Shoes. 7cm. heel» than «Red passion shoes, perfect for all kinds of celebrations and so comfortable that you won’t have to take them off to dance». Although this case is simple, you can already see the difference between both descriptions, but the importance will be even greater when the product you are trying to sell is not so familiar or there are big differences between one product and another. Furthermore, when there are many technical specifications, we must put ourselves in the user’s place, explaining, for example, what it means that the computer he is going to buy has an i7 processor. Otherwise, the consumer will only see a list of features without much value and will need to consult with other people to understand it and make their purchase. Shorten the decision process by making life easier for the customer.

Photo quality: Although the description is very important, few people will get to read it if it is not supported by an attractive and quality photo. The product must be shown clearly, in its best version and in a way that attracts attention. To do this, it will be necessary to work with professionals, either internal staff or people and companies hired specifically for this task. In addition, good photographs will give a greater sense of quality and increase consumer confidence, who may sometimes have doubts or fears when buying online

Web Usability: People are becoming more and more demanding when browsing a website. They want the pages to load quickly, to be adapted to the device they are using (with the increasing weight of the smartphone) and to make the experience simple and intuitive. In short, they prefer websites that make their lives as simple as possible and help them find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. Even so, this does not mean that they want to spend the least amount of time in your ecommerce. In fact, this will depend on the type of products or services you offer and the character of the visit. For example, a person could visit an online store of decoration items and spend ten minutes scrolling and browsing through the different products, but this does not mean that they are willing to waste ten seconds waiting for each product to load. Time is relative and the consumer is impatient, so it will be essential to have a lightweight website, which loads quickly and adapts to the user’s needs.

Checkout Process: Once the user has managed to put an item in his shopping cart, with the work that this entails, there is still a big step to be taken: the checkout. And this is where we must not fail, or all the efforts made previously may not be useful. Abandoned carts are the headache of any ecommerce and the best way to avoid is to have a simple, fast process, with few steps and offering the customer the most comfortable and secure payment methods for him. These payment methods could be personalized according to the socio-demographic characteristics of the person who is buying, the device from which they are buying or their behavior in previous purchases to offer an experience with the least possible friction.

From Sipay, a gateway specialized in digital payments, they recommend having payment providers that can advise the merchant on which are the most important methods for their specific case and that personalize the service to the maximum in order to offer the best experience to the consumer.

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