The best gift, the experience

December arrives and the Christmas campaign is back on the scene, but this year may be different. Here are the best ideas to take advantage of the checkout process and turn your occasional shoppers into loyal customers of your business.

Get their data:

We live in a time when more than ever information is power, and the more we know about our customers, the better we can focus our offer on them. To do this, nothing is easier than asking. Simple, isn’t it? But how do we get users to answer our questions?

You’ll have to reward them, either with a discount on their next purchase, a detail added to their order, a month of free shipping, access to private offers, and so on. These types of rewards will not only give you access to a lot of data to describe customers, but will even help you to buy back to get your reward.

But beware! It is important that your questionnaire is always placed once the purchase has been completed. Otherwise, it could negatively affect the conversion rates.

Create confidence:

As you already know and will continue to discover as you get to know your customers, each one of them is different and has unique preferences. Among their tastes we must also include the type of payment methods they prefer to use to pay for their purchases. It is important to have a wide variety of payment methods so that the consumer feels comfortable and confident when checking out. In addition, once they have made their first purchase, the next time you will be able to offer the payment method chosen previously, reducing friction and speeding up the process thanks, once again, to personalization.

Tokenize their card:

While offering the right payment method minimizes friction, tokenization makes it an almost invisible process. This process allows card data to be captured and stored in a completely secure process so that your client won’t have to re-enter data for subsequent purchases. Thus, the next time the user accesses the shopping cart, he will be able to pay for his products in a single click.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, there’s more. For subscription-based products or services, tokenization also allows the customer to set up these payments for the first time so that charges can then be made automatically. Without doubt, an essential functionality in the payment system of any business.

Join the upselling:

It’s literally about selling more, increasing your average ecommerce ticket. By the time the buyer completes his purchase, a proper recommendation can easily end up in the cart. For example, a user who is buying a new computer will probably need a mouse or a case for it, while one who buys a bicycle is probably also interested in a helmet.

These recommendations can appear in different ways, either as a recommendation while the consumer is shopping, so that you add it directly to your cart, or as a temporary offer unlocked after the purchase that makes it a more attractive product and gives the purchase a sense of urgency as it has a limited time.

All of these solutions are applicable to almost any business, as long as they suit your products and your customers. The Communication Department of Sipay, a technological company specialised in payments for different sectors of activity, recommends «closely monitoring the market trends and the evolution of customer behaviour in order to always offer them what they need, when they need it«.

Today, the consumer is the king and taking care of his experience throughout the purchase process becomes the key to success for any company.

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